Environmental policy of the company

Green Company

The Company attaches great importance to the work to reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions, discharges and proper handling of waste products. Management of the Company is aware of the responsibility for the state of the environment and assumes the following obligations:

  • Comply with the requirements of federal and regional legislation in the sphere of nature management and environmental protection applicable to the activities of the printing industry. Comply with other requirements, including internal regulations and policies of the Company.
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system and to ensure its strict compliance with requirements of ISO 14001.
  • Take all possible actions to reduce and prevent the negative impact on the environment, taking into account the current level of technology and financial capabilities of the Company.

To meet these obligations Company intends to:

  • Rationally use of electricity and heat, to introduce non-waste and low-waste technologies, and technologies for the safe accumulation and storage of waste.
  • Improve business processes, introduce new equipment and advanced technologies aimed at:
    • saving of electricity and heat;
    • reducing the volume of waste production by reducing the required number of paper and other consumables while preparation for printing;
    • use in the production of high-tech and low-toxic materials;
    • reducing overall negative impacts on the environment and improve environmental safety.
  • Pay special attention to the most complete and eco-friendly disposal of such waste printing production as: waste paper, aluminium plates, rags, containers, waste oil, developer, and other consumables.
  • In every possible way motivate customers of the Company to choosing recycled paper or paper with the FSC logo.
  • Continuously improve the level of knowledge and responsibility in the field of environmental protection personnel protection and rational use of electricity and heat.
  • Bring to suppliers and contractors of the enterprise information on the obligations of this policy, environment protection requirements.

Management of the Company accepts responsibility for the implementation of this Policy through the establishment of appropriate goals and objectives and the allocation of the necessary organizational and financial resources to achieve them.

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